63% of IT projects fail or are challenged. Luckily, ProjectOffice+ helps you beat the odds.

Inadequate Oversight?

Not sure how your projects are doing? Inadequate oversight leads to inconsistent reporting and metrics, a lack of visibility into health and status, and varying levels of best practice compliance across your projects.

Inconsistent Processes?

It's no secret that consistently employing proven processes and best practices on a project improves its chances of success. Unfortunately, real-world constraints often make that easier said than done.

Poor Communication?

Effective communication between IT and project stakeholders is critical to project success. Without it, conflicting expectations, missed requirements, and lack of engagement spell trouble for projects.

Too Few Seasoned PMs?

A project manager's experience often makes the difference between project success and failure. Unfortunately, organizations often lack enough veteran PMs to provide adequate coverage for every project.

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